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Need a Day Spa? Know What to Look for

What is a Day Spa?

In 1980, Catherine Atzen started the term "day spa" after visiting America from France. A day spa typically refers to a business that provides services such as facials, waxing, skin exfoliation, massage, and body treatments. These services are usually given by trained professionals in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere designed to sooth the senses.


Destination Spas

Day spas differ from "detination spas" in that the spa treatments are administered within one visit during the day, with the customer leaving at the end of the visit. With destination spas, the customers reside at the spa for one or more nights, in a hotel-like atmosphere.


Types of Day Spas

Be sure to do your research before visiting day spa. While most day spas provide similar treatments, the setting can vary greatly, ranging from the very fancy to the very casual. Some spas are really just glorified beauty salons while others focus on things like exercise or diet and health.



Many people are concerned about privacy with a day spa. You need to decide how comfortable you are when it comes to being around others who might be walking around naked. Also, during a massage, you might feel like you are supposed to be nude, when you'd rather keep something on. Never feel pressured into doing anything you are not comfortable with. A good spa will respect whatever your wishes in these matters.


Licensed and Certified
Be sure the people who work at the spa and provide the treatments are licensed. The Spa itself should have a certificate displayed from the Department of Health and other organizations. If you don't see these certificates, don't be afraid to ask where they are.

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